Starting your university life can be scary, especially as an international student. Making new friends, having new experiences and facing new challenges are all things to look forward to. However, as the months start to pass and the classes end, you can start to feel lonely. Some of your friends go home, but you might be staying in Cardiff over the Easter break.



Sofia, a Latin-American student, is studying a Masters in Physics at the University of South Wales. She hasn’t been able to see her family, friends and her dog back in Colombia since September. One of Sofia’s favourite activities back home is her Thursday ritual of meeting up with friends on the high street in Bogotá. They had the best time drinking ice cold milkshakes while discussing their future plans. Her favorite joint was a restaurant with graffiti filled walls and kick ass music.


This milkshake meet up with her friends was not only a tradition, but also a moment of bonding with her mates. Every Thursday Sofia wishes she could go back to that time of her life. But Sofia didn’t want to be sad – instead she decided to Google the best milkshakes in Cardiff. Coming across a few results, the one that caught her attention was a restaurant that mirrored her favourite restaurant back in Colombia: The Smoke Haus. Situated on Mary Ann Street, the American-style restaurant offers 6 different types of milkshakes. Here are a few to get your taste buds tingling!


The Toffle: Toffee pudding ice cream with waffles, toffee sauce and mountains of whipped cream. Yummy!



Fairground Delight: This is one for all the strawberry lovers out there! Strawberry ice cream and strawberry puree topped with lots of whipped cream, a donut, marshmallows, and tangfastics. What else could a strawberry fanatic want?




And Sofia’s favorite The Choco Nightmare: Not for the faint hearted! With chocolate in every corner, delicious whipped cream and digestive biscuit to give the final touch.



Now, Sofia has a new tradition. She meets up with her uni friends at her favorite comfort food restaurant. She feels great, because she’s able to continue her tradition with her new friends and a great shake.