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So long, farewell – from the Cardiff University students!

You made it! You survived all the deadlines and the torturous assignments. You made new friends and shared amazing experiences. Some of you will be heading home for Easter to be with your loved ones. Lucky you! You’ll get to hug your family and friends and share your stories with them. You must be looking forward to family dinners and visits to your old hangout spot with friends.


We at The Smoke Haus Cardiff hope that we were of some help to all of you during the ups and downs you went through this semester. Have a great visit back home and come back rejuvenated. In the meantime, we’ll be here waiting and coming up with more soulful recipes for our wonderful student community. Easter is a bitter sweet time in Cardiff. While we witness lots of love during this time, we also see the city quiet down quite a bit because many of its wonderful international students are away. You guys keep Cardiff young.


To those who will not be visiting home this Easter, let us tell you that our doors are open to you whenever you wish to indulge in a little comfort food. We understand that holidays can cause some serious blues but do not stress. We’ve got your back.


Come on by anytime for a meal or a snack. Talk to our wonderful staff, they’re always happy to chat. Come with friends or simply order in your favourite burger and chillax with Netflix. So, do not be sad this Easter, instead, go out and enjoy the sunny streets of Cardiff at Spring time.


You guys are the real heroes and for that We Salute You!