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Lower calorie options at The Smoke Haus!

We turn to comfort food for all kinds of emotions. When we’re sad we want a hearty meal that’s familiar and after devouring it we enter into a state of comatose. In this state, we care no more about our problems and the only thing on the agenda is to find a bed to crash in. We also turn to comfort food when we are excited. We need to celebrate our joy and in that moment calorie counting is simply not a priority. But often times after the initial food high wears off we find ourselves guilty of gluttony. We promise ourselves “never again” and we run to the gym disappointed in ourselves. But student life is not easy. We make all these grand resolutions and promises to ourselves that we will never digress from our diet plans but one bad grade or a nearing deadline sends us running straight into the arms of comfort food.

This was exactly the predicament I was in when I started my Masters degree at Cardiff University last year. I was torn between having a beach body and eating my favourite comfort foods for much needed relief from university stress. I decided to end this vicious cycle of indulging in comfort food and spending the next day feeling guilty. I took to the internet and started researching on the many restaurants in Cardiff.

I stumbled upon The Smoke Haus and at last it seemed there was indeed a solution to my problem. I scrolled through the menu and discovered an array of dishes that would provide me the comfort I so longed for without making me unbuckle my belt.

      Three Bone Smoked Wings


Veg Chilli with Haus Rice


Sweet Potato Fries


Jacob’s Ladder


Slow Cooked Brisket


Spicy Chicken Tenders


The Smoke Haus came to my rescue, yet again!