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Alone for Easter?

Easter is the time usually spend with family. A time to stuff your face with food and obscene amounts of chocolate and take part in an Easter egg hunt with the family (one is never too old for an Easter egg hunt!).

For students, Easter is a time to maybe take a little time to do some last-minute revision (or cramming) for upcoming exams. Easter will be a time filled with all nighters at the library trying to complete assignments in time for the deadlines, with the hope of still getting a good grade (help! when will I learn?).

Having FOMO? Don’t! For those of you whose families may be far away in another country…do not fear, The Smoke Haus is here! The Smoke Haus can be your home away from home. Bring your friends (like family) and come on down to The Smoke Haus and enjoy a meal with your loved ones.  Everything is prepared with only the freshest Welsh produce. Close your eyes and take a bite into any of our juicy burgers offered on the menu. We promise that you’ll open your eyes forgetting that you’re in a restaurant and for a second (or more like a minute) be transported back home, enjoying home comforts.

Tell us how you spent your Easter in Cardiff?