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Catch a game at The Smoke Haus

I’m sooooooo sad that the Six Nations games are over, it was such a fun time and I really enjoyed experiencing it here in The Smoke Haus Cardiff with my friends (especially seeing as Wales won wooooo)! It was so relaxing being able to take a break from university and watching all the games at the Smoke Haus.


The atmosphere there was amazing, everyone was in high spirits and the cherry on top of the cake was my meal. I indulged in some chilli fries and a Baby Bertha burger. The meat was cooked to perfection and as I bit into the burger, I could see the juices oozing out of it. Oh, and about the fries, who doesn’t love fries? Especially when they’re covered in chilli!  It reminded me of what I would have on Saturdays whilst watching the game back home and that was really a comforting #throwbackmoment (I’m literally drooling, thinking about how amazing it all tasted).


My friend had the Chicken & Waffles. The perfect combination of savory and sweet. The fried chicken was cooked to a golden crisp, and the waffle was the perfect amalgamation of a crunchy coating giving way to a lovely, soft filling. Resting between two ramekins of ranch and raspberry sauce. This meal reminded my friend of what he would grab in a diner back home in the states before going to watch a football game (very similar to rugby here) with his family.


There simply isn’t a better way to take a break from uni work, deadlines and worst of all, thoughts of all the revision that needs to be done for upcoming exams. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is better than eating.


So now you know. Swing by The Smoke Haus catch a game and enjoy the great atmosphere & good food with your friends. Just like I did. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Let us know, what’s your go-to activity when taking a break from revision?