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Let us E-introduce you to Jon!

Here in The Smoke Haus we’d like to think a lot of our success is down to the hand picked individuals that make up our team, so today, let us e-introduce you to our Assistant Manager in Cardiff, Jon. Jon is a vital member of the Cardiff team who has a vital role in managing the Cardiff restaurant and also is involved in staff training across all sites so a crucial cog in the Smoke Haus machine!

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

My favourite item on the menu has to be the Jacobs ladder. I honestly feel it captures everything we aim for here. The size of the thing is normally enough to drop jaws, but the quality and taste is really where people are converted. It really shows the level of care and expertise that goes into our smoked meats. It stands out for me as something we do that is particularly unique. The same love goes into all of our food, but there’s never been any doubt for me, the Jacobs is king.

What would you say makes The Smoke Haus so successful?

There are so many individual parts to the Smoke Haus. Each restaurant gives off its own distinct vibe, allowing each one to develop a unique personality of its own, whilst all still being tied together by the authentic food, spectacular music and the best beer in town. Personally though, the love for the business from everyone here, top to bottom, is what has made this place a success for me. I’ve really made a home here, whatever city i’m in. You can see the passion, that’s not easy to do.

What do you expect/want for the future of The Smoke Haus brand?

I don’t think I would know what to expect from the Smoke Haus. Every year has been vastly different for me so far. I’ve been fortunate to be involved in so many aspects of the business as we’ve grown to this point, and even then I’ve been stunned by the heights that it’s reached. I want to continue to see the business grow and reach more people, but more importantly, I want to continue to see the Smoke Haus re-invent what people expect to see, hear and taste when the walk into a restaurant.

So why should people come and get saucy with you at The Smoke Haus?

We’re not just giving people an authentic BBQ experience outside of the USA, were giving you a chance to experience something unique and different from the usual line-up of food businesses. Being able to choose the music that plays can seem like a small touch at first, but then you realise that you’re also being handed the keys to the atmosphere. The work of local artists bring the walls to life in the restaurants, while amateur artists have brought the bathroom walls to life with marker pens. These restaurants belong to the customers and the community.  We can re-create american BBQ, but nobody can re-create the Smoke Haus.