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The doors of our brand NEW Haus in Birmingham are officially open!

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of the picturesque Brindley Place is where you’ll be able to find our graffitied interior, iconic pictures and massive mixed grills!

We’ve stayed true to our Smoke Haus morals and taken some of our favourite parts of our Welsh-based restaurants and transported them over the bridge to our new English home.  Our delicious menu has obviously accompanied us, as we continue to create unique dishes for the local Brummy folk and our super dedicated followers.

There are a few new exciting spins on the place however, like a brand new team of super friendly faces waiting to give you the true Smoke Haus experience and the fact you now have the chance to add your own personal touch to our Haus, writing your own graffiti (eg. I ♥ the donut burger) on our toilet walls – just ask a member of staff for a pen!

You can see what the press and bloggers are saying about us here:, here: here: oh and even here:

Yet why not make your own mind up! Come get saucy with us at our new home from home (or Haus from Haus if you’d rather!)


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